Israel Election: Ale Yarok (Green Leaf) Party Fails to Win Seats

Voting booth in IsraelVoting booth in IsraelIn the shadow of joy expressed by Kadima, Labor and the Pensioners party, there were those who are disappointed with election results as shown in exit polls Tuesday evening.
“As far as I am concerned, the results are disappointing,” said MK Shaul Yahalom of the National Union-National Religious Party, who according to exit polls will not make it into the next Knesset.

Party leader Benny Elon said the party should wait for final results. “I hope there will be surprises and suggest that right-wing parties do not rush to form a coalition until final results. I believe we have no less than 10 seats, and if need be we will honorably sit in a opposition.”

MK Zevulun Orlev said exit poll results do not reflect his impression during the campaign. “There are still votes that need to be counted. The votes of Gush Katif evacuees and soldiers who voted in double envelopes still need to be counted,” he said.

MK Effie Eitam said: “I estimate we will get 11 seats. We need to analyze the Pensioners party’s eight seats. I believe that many of the votes for them came from the national-religious public. There is no doubt that we are left as the main right-wing party on the political map.”

The leader of the centrist Secular Zionist party, Avraham Poraz, was disappointed with exit polls showing his party will have no representatives in the Knesset, but he said: “All in all these are exit poll results ? we still have hope.”

Yosef Lapid, previous leader of the centrist Shinui party, called Poraz and said he is sorry for the weak showing.

The Secular Zionist party was formed after Shinui members waged a rebellion against Lapid and Poraz.

But Poraz’ former party, Shinui, also seems to be left out of the Knesset, with exit polls showing it failed to garner enough votes to have representatives in the Knesset.

Boaz Wachtel of Ale YarokBoaz Wachtel of Ale YarokThe Ale Yarok party (Green Leaf) was also disappointed with the results. Party leader Boaz Wachtel expressed disappointment with his party’s failure to make it to the Knesset and hinted he may leave politics.

“People worked day and night, they gave all and it is a shame we failed. Ale Yarok is here to stay but maybe we need to change the leadership. The movement is going nowhere,” he said.

Ale Yarok’s platform is to legalize cannabis. As Wachtel explained: “It should be remembered that cannabis is a good medicine for many pains, and it can replace many other drugs. Unfortunately the public forgot that beyond cannabis legalization we deal with issues of animal rights, the environment and many other issues.”

And what with Marzel?

The head of the National Jewish Front, Baruch Marzel, said despite exit polls showing his party will not make it into the Knesset, he intends to wait for the final results.

“We will gather strength and form a new rightist bloc. We don’t work for the Knesset but on behalf of an ideology,” he said.

This article, “Losers awaiting final results” from Ynet News, Israel.