BCMP Bookstore, Rare CC Mags Found, New Products, and more!

Jodie and Rhiannon in girl teesJodie and Rhiannon in girl teesThe BC Marijuana Party Bookstore has started selling products online! Right now, you can purchase books, clothes, vaporizers, grinders, and hemp products, with more being added in the next weeks.
If you need to buy for your friends or your family, and you know that they would appreciate a ganja gift, please check out The BCMP Bookstore Online. Hopefully, you will see improvements and additions being made over the next few weeks, leading into the holidays!

Marc and Brandon in guy teesMarc and Brandon in guy teesNo Extradition shirts

We’ve been promoting these shirts since they came out, and there’s no better way to spend your money with the Cannabis Culture Store.

We first featured the men’s shirts, in black, white, red, and neon green. We have a lot of people out there wearing them ? thank you for your support! As for girls… well, the men’s shirts didn’t quite have the best shape or fit. So we ordered a special set of No Extradition girl tees!

These are the most comfortable, flexible, stylish tees for girls yet. They come in black, red, pink and grey. They’re only $30, and you know that your money spent here is going to help us out in the long run. Men’s shirts are just $25, so snap up a few sets to give to your pals!

New Cannabis Culture and Pot-TV grinders!

CC grinderCC grinderWe’ve reordered our grinders for the CC Store and put a new spin on them! The CC ones now sport the new logo, and come in regular or party size.

Pot-TV grinderPot-TV grinderThe Pot-TV one is even cooler, as a solid cube with a new Pot-TV logo. When resin gums up the grinder inside, the square shape makes it easy to turn and pull apart! It’s a great new addition to our stock.

Cannabis Culture backissues found!

When we moved our magazine operation from the Dominion Building next door to the BCMP Bookstore basement, we had to take out years’ worth of storage from the office building basement. To Marc’s surprise, we found a few boxes of out-of-print and rare Cannabis Culture (then called Cannabis Canada) issues.

Cannabis Canada #1Cannabis Canada #1So for the first time ever, we’re able to offer Issue #1 of Cannabis Canada, for only $25, autographed by Marc Emery. Marc will also send a signed copy of #1 if you make a donation of $50 or $100.

Issue #4 of Cannabis Culture is also available, for only $15! Issues 7, 13, 16, 17, 18, and many others that were out of stock for years, are now available in small quantities. For the first time ever, CC issues #4 – present are available!

These are incredible deals for the first issues of a magazine that started a revolution.

To buy your copies of these rare CC copies, please visit the CC Store. Check out the magazine and book section!

And what else is new?

Well, the highly-anticipated release of the book Bud Inc by Vancouver Sun legal affairs reporter Ian Mulgrew has finally happened. Ian spent years on this book, speaking to every big player and recognized figure in the industry. It’s an outstanding book that promises an inside look into Canada’s cannabis industry.

Bud Inc. by Ian MulgrewBud Inc. by Ian MulgrewIf you want to get a copy from the BCMP Bookstore, instead of Chapters or a Book Warehouse, be sure to check out the BCMP Bookstore and buy it as soon as you see it available!

There are a lot of ways to help out the BC3 while taking care of your holiday shopping list. We’d really appreciate any support ? so simply click your way on over to the CC Store and the BCMP Bookstore.

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