Hermaphrodite clones

I am an outdoor gardener. I have a strain that I developed by crossing two strains that did well and that were my favorites. I grow it each year using seeds I produced the previous year. Last year the police raided my main patch. I was left with nothing but males and hermaphrodites. I crossed my most vigorous hermies with the best male and have them growing at a new location.
The new plants are hermaphroditic but strangely they are mostly female with a few all-male branches. I was wondering: if I took clones from a female section, would they inherit the plant’s overall genetic makeup and go hermaphrodite or would they stay all-female?

Yukon, Canada

Usually when a plant is hermaphroditic it grows male flowers all over the plant, although the number might be small. The plant you describe has a couple of branches that contain only male flowers, while the rest are female only. This may be an indication of some genetic variation within the plant. This is unusual but not so rare as to be out of the realm of possibility.

Your theory that an all-female branch might mother only female clones is worth investigating. This is easily done by taking cuttings and growing the clones out.

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