Using bottled water

If price isn’t an issue would you recommend using bottled water like Aquafina or would you stick with tap water?

Before you can make an intelligent decision regarding irrigation water, you should obtain a report from your local water department. It will detail the water’s pH, dissolved solids and pollutants. Then you can determine whether the water is suitable for the plants or if it should be treated or substituted with water from another source. One element to examine is calcium. Some hydroponic fertilizers don’t contain much of it. If the water also has only small amounts you may need a calcium booster.

If you fed your plants Aquafina you might be supplying them with the same water they were receiving from your tap. The Aquafina bottling plants use filtered tap water so the qualities of the waters, that is the dissolved solids, pH and pollutants, vary by region. The brand is owned by PepsiCo. Coca-Cola’s bottled water from the tap is Dasani. If the label says “drinking water,” rather than “mountain spring,” rest assured it comes from the tap. Unlike municipal water that you can obtain a report on, the bottled waters don’t list the water’s contents. To find out what’s in them you’d have to have them tested.

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