Marc’s Hockey Memorabilia Fundraiser

Hockey is back! So what better time to help the cause by being a hockey fan?
There are fabulous prizes to be won for the top ten pool entries determined once the 2005-2006 regular season is over.

Value of prizes is over $5,500! Because this is a legal fund pool, tickets are $20. Entries must be in October 20.

Print and send your entry and $20 (per entry) to:

The Hockey Pool
Marc Emery
#2104 – 777 Cardero St.
Vancouver, BC
V6G 2G4

You can create any number of entries as long as you include $20 per entry.

This is a fundraiser for legal fees and other expenses and I’ve moved to a much smaller place and I always thought these items were really wonderful to have as decor in my home. I will autograph the back of any frame if any winners want me to certify authentically owned by the Prince of Pot.

Once the season begins and entries are cut off, we will post the stats daily here so people can check in to see how their ‘team’ is doing.

You can discuss this fundraiser at the Cannabis Culture forums.

You can email me with questions.

Rules for entry:


Each Entry will have a total of 19 selections.

3 Centre
3 Left Wing
3 Right Wing
6 Defense
2 Goalies
1 Enforcer
1 Coach

Players (Forwards and Defense) will be awarded points as follows: 1 point per goal, 1 point per assist. An additional point will be awarded to the goal scorer for PP (power play) Goals or SH Goals (short handed), players /- totals will also be factored in with a point gained for each , and a point deducted for each minus -.

Goalies will be awarded points for the following: 2 points per win, 1 point for a loss in OT, 10 points per Goal, 5 points per assist.

Enforcer will receive points for Penalty Minutes only.

Coach will receive his Teams regular season points. 2 points per win, 1 per OT loss.


If you have a player that you want to get rid of, you will have an oppritunity to trade him in at the All Star Break. Each Trade will cost $5 and you may trade as many players on your team as you want. Trades will ONLY be done at the All Star Break. You will have the OLD players points that he earned prior to the trade. You will only obtain points that your NEW player receives beyond the All Star Break and will NOT get points he earned


Winners have the option of choosing any prize still remaining when they are informed. So if the first prize winner wants Item #2 (because he’s a Canucks fan), the winner #2 chooses from any other, etcetera.

Prize number one will be shipped free if we get over 275 entries, otherwise, winner & Marc will split shipping costs. Thats 7 big frames.

Prizes #2 and #3 will require $40 shipping, unless we get over 300 entries, in which case it will be covered.

Please excuse the quality of the photos! These are very large framed pieces, and the glass could not be removed. The reflections were unavoidable! – Jodie G.R.

1st Prize:

Complete 1964 Tall Boy Parkhurst Hockey Cards in 7 individual, and huge, glassed frames.

All original six teams in their own glassed frame, 42″ wide x 34″, 20 cards in each frame, plus giant History of the uniform of each team, two team logos in metal, with a metal plate announcing the team. The Toronto Maple Leaf frame is 42″ x 36″, instead of a history of the uniforn, the cards are arranged around an autographed photo of Johnny Bower holding the 1964 Stanley Cup. The seventh frame is the 1964 1st & 2nd All Star team arranged around six portraits of the original six stadiums, with an autograph from a member of each original six team of 1964: Pierre Pilote of Chicago, Ted Lindsay (Detroit), Andy Bathgate (NYR), Johny Bucyk (Boston), Jean Believeau (Montreal), Johnny Bower (Toronto). The All-Star frame is a giant 52″ x 43″.

Cost Value: $2,500

2nd Prize:

Vancouver Canucks Framed autographed 1971 and 1975 hockey programs and 12 autographed cards.

The February 1971 Vancouver Canucks program is autographed by Charlie Hodge, Mike Corrigan, Ray Cullen, Bobby Schmautz, Murray Hall, Pat Quinn, Rosaire PIedmont, Dale Tallon, Barry Wilkins, Gary Doar. The March 1975 program is autographed by the visiting Boston Bruins and includes Bobby Orr, Gilles Gilbert, Ray Cullen, Wayne Cashman, Jean Ratelle, Brad Park. The 12 autographed Canuck cards are from 2004-2004: Brad May, Johan Hedburg, Mathias Ohlund, Jiri Slegr, Dan CLoutier, Trevor Linden, Daniel Sedin, Trent Klatt, Matt Cooke, Fin, Brendan Morrison, Bryan Allen. 34″ x 36″ framed, no glass

Cost Value: $1,300

3rd Prize:

1964 Stanley Cup Winners photo of Toronto Maple Leafs, framed in glass, 26″ x 26″. Autographed by Andy Bathgate, Johnny Bower, Bobby Baun, Red Kelly.
Lovely Leaf item.

Cost value: $350

4th Prize:

Autographed Rocket (Maurice) Richard puck in frame with great photo of Richard in action. Framed on glass, 17″ x 15″.

Cost value: $275

5th Prize:

Autographed cotton Montreal Canadians souvenir shirt. Autographs include Larry Robinson, Dickie Moore, Maurice Richard and two others I can’t recognize! Signed around 2001.

Cost value: $225

6th Prize:

Numbered and signed JOE SAKIC souvenir hockey stick. With aurthentication certificate. 5.5 feet long. Numbered 361 of 450.

Cost Value: $175

7th Prize:

Autographed Markus Naslund hockey puck in glass & wood holder. Also Markus Naslund autographed 8″ x 10″ card.

Value: $200

8th Prize:

Framed China Plate showing Vancouver Canuck uniforms 1970 – 2003. 15″ x 18″.

Cost Value: $150

9th Prize:

Framed China plate with original six hockey uniforms. 19″ x 19″ inches.

Cost value: $100

10th Prize:

All my other stuff, including a complete Canucks 2002/2003 season medallions (15) in holder, two nearly complete sets of medallions (missing two each). Cloutier action figurine in original box unopened (McFarlane), a mini jersey in unopened box, a frame of 4 Canuck uniforms (miniature) made in that cool way, plus other jerseys.

Cost value: $250