False seed pods

My plants have these false seed pods. They are swollen and look like they have a seed inside and have female hairs (stigmas) emanating from them. But squeeze them and there’s nothing inside.

As the buds of Indica varieties mature, the ovary swells. The two stigmas that vainly scanned the air for pollen seem to retract as they dry into a vivid color: pink, red or purple. The glands, or trichomes, covering the surface of the flower and all the vegetation surrounding it also mature. They expand like a long balloon. First the stalk appears, grows and then stiffens as it fills with liquid. The crown expands as it stores more and more cannabinoids. At maturity it looks like a balloon about to burst. Then the liquid in some of the trichomes turns amber or a little cloudy. The bud is mature and ready to harvest.

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