Ice water for plants

The garden’s water source is drying up and won’t last through July. The plants are in a field in the sun and it gets really hot here, over 100?F (38?C) every day during July and August. Can I place ice at the base of my plants or will the cold water have some effect on the roots or growth of the plant? It’s easier to carry bags of ice than buckets of water.
Growin’ Again,
Fairfield, Texas

The cool water produced by the ice would be beneficial to the roots. The soil is hotter than the ideal temperature. The gradual melt will cool the soil enough for the roots to enjoy a reprieve from the ultra-hot and to drink up over a period of time. This method also gives the soil time to absorb the liquid as the ice melts rather than have it pool and flow away.

Remember, one gallon of ice weighs eight pounds.

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