Partial harvesting indoors

I am growing a variety that puts out one big cola and a lot of side shoots. Usually I cut these shoots off to concentrate the energy on the central bud. I didn’t have time this cycle so the plants are growing somewhat smaller center buds and a jungle of pencil-thick buds underneath. The top buds are ready to cut, but the thin buds have one to two weeks to go.
What should I do?
Albany, New York

You have several choices. You could harvest everything and use the immature buds as extraction material for cooking, water hash or tinctures. Or you could harvest the mature buds and leave the immature ones to ripen.

You might decide to harvest all at once. In this case you could be starting a new crop rather than wasting garden time on maturing smaller buds. It depends. Do you have the interest to make the immature buds worthwhile by processing them? Is it worth the 10 days to get these mature buds as opposed to being 10 days into a new crop?

If after considering the potential harvest, you decide to harvest only the mature buds and ripen the remaining buds, there are several steps you can take to promote a heavy yield from what remains:

1) Trim fan leaves that are blocking light from the buds. Don’t trim leaves that are not blocking the buds because they are light harvesters contributing to plant growth and maturation.

2) Remove smaller branches that have no potential to produce a decent bud.

3) Lower the lamp height to refocus the light on the shorter canopy height.

4) Increase the dark period by half an hour to promote early ripening.

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