Mites on old equipment

I built a new room but I am using equipment from a mite-infested grow. How should I kill the leftover mite eggs on the trays, containers, lamps and ballasts?
Tulmeen, British Columbia

Mites lay eggs on the underside of leaves and occasionally on the stems of the plants on which they are feeding. It is highly unlikely that any mites or eggs have been laid on the equipment. Even if they were, the adult mites or hatchlings would have died once the garden was shut down and they were left with no food or moisture. The eggs hatch in a week or less depending on the temperature.

Outdoors, mites hibernate in the soil during cold weather. For this reason it’s possible for planting mediums to remain infected. Old planting mediums should not be used in the new garden space.

Make sure that trays and containers are free from planting mix and infections by washing them with detergent or rinsing them with 3% hydrogen peroxide. The lighting equipment can be sterilized by turning it on and letting it heat up.

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