Lynn Wood jailed

Jim and Lynn WoodJim and Lynn WoodToday, Lynn Wood, formerly of HEMP NB & The Cannabis Caf?, was jailed immediately for one year following her sentencing in a St. John courtroom. Lynn Wood is several months pregnant and has three children with husband Jim Wood.
Jim & Lynn had been openly selling marijuana to those who required it from August 2003 to April 24, 2004 when a dozen local police raided their storefront Med-Pot operation.

As I write this piece at 2.20 p.m eastern time, details are just coming in.

More information will be posted here and in the Cannabis Culture forums as details emerge.

Here are exerpts from our story of July 27, 2004:

At the time, Jim Wood told the media, “This will be Canada’s first over-the-counter cannabis cafe. Basically, we’re just trying to help people.” Jim Wood even applied to the federal government for a permit to sell medicinal marijuana, but not surprisingly, he didn’t hear back.

The Woods claimed the marijuana they planned to sell in their store would be of much higher quality than the schwaggy product produced by Canada’s only authorized federal grower, which has been widely criticized as weak and ineffective (CC#46, Canadian feds start selling schwag!).

Those eligible to purchase medical buds over the counter at Hemp NB had to become members through an application process. Prospective members were required to fill out forms and provide a doctor’s letter that stated why they needed med-pot. Those who couldn’t get access to a marijuana recommendation simply applied on their own. However, non-members were permitted to bring their own pot and consume it on the premises, with the purchase of a beverage.

The Woods acknowledged that they were testing the limits of Canada’s decriminalization policy trend, but had hoped the authorities would leave them alone.

Hard hit

Friends of the store owners as well as volunteers present at the time of the raid claim to have been assaulted by police while being arrested.

“Our two volunteers were literally thrown to the ground,” said Jim and Lynn Wood in an interview with Cannabis Culture. “Everyone in the store was searched and taken away while officers tore apart our lives. They stole everything, including our street sign. They answered the phone all day pretending to be us, asking questions to all who called.”

Volunteer Dane Richards told Cannabis Culture that he was thrown on top of another coworker during the arrest. He said of the police, “They took all our bongs, pipes, rolling papers and other merchandise. They even took our stamp pad and garbage.”

Police also illegally seized all of the store’s marijuana-related books and literature, including all of their copies of Cannabis Culture and other marijuana magazines.

Charges of possession of marijuana for the purpose of trafficking were laid against the Woods and two volunteers, but they reopened the store immediately as a defiant action against the police.Jim and Lynn Wood