Dark garden for a week

I have a small closet garden. The plants are in their eighth week of flowering and have two and a half weeks to go. I am going away on vacation for a week and, for reasons of safety and security, can’t leave any lights on. What will I find upon my return?
E. Fantasy,

The plants will look pale and dull since they will be losing their chlorophyll. After the first 25 hours or so, growth will have stopped since the source of tissue building blocks and energy, photosynthesis, has not occurred. If the plants are kept cool and their metabolism is slowed, there will not be as much degradation as under a hot environment, where their metabolism is spurred. They must receive adequate water or they will dry up, but since they are not photosynthesizing and are being kept cool, they will not use as much water.

When the lights are turned on they should be kept at a lower intensity than normal for the first few days until the plants reconstruct the chloroplasts lost during the dark period. They can then be set at a new schedule if desired.

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