Bong blasting bands

The most important thing to remember about Smoked Out Brainzzz is that this is a brand new band that has been around for eight years. The original founding members are long gone, and the band is going on to a third line-up for a third album. Yet somehow that original spark, the one that originally inspired Smoked Out Brainzzz to spontaneously combust into existence nine years ago, is still alive and blazing.
For those who keep track of such things, the current line-up is as follows: Matt Norris on bass, Brian ?Brains? Desfosses on drums, and Mike Anderson on guitar. But forget what you may have long-term memorized about Smoked Out Brainzzz. Instead, use what valuable short-term memory you can muster, and input the latest beta: Of the new wave of Victoria, BC, bands worthy of contending for attention beyond Vancouver Island, Smoked Out Brainzzz has now officially transcended the competition and belongs in the bong-bursting winner’s circle.

A threesome, Replacement-intensity, math-rock annihilating, progressive stoner rock, alien jukebox from hell, Smoked Out Brainzzz are not better than other stoner bands. They have just stopped being concerned with anything that anyone else is doing that is remotely less than great. The kind of confidence that band frontman Matt expresses in control of the bass-driven musical tantrums that Smoked Out Brainzzz are presently fixated upon just lays lesser talent to waste.

Whatever Smoked Out Brainzzz may have been described as before ? an infantile beer, breasts, bongs and bud band ? they have grown up. They are now an adult beer, breasts, bongs and bud band.

Where Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson seem to have got caught up in their own hype and become their own imagery, turning into cartoon-like caricatures of themselves, Smoked Out Brainzzz seem to have gone some other more interesting route, and amidst all the leftover debris and rubble of what looked like Halloween vs Gwar and Primus in a battle of the bongs, something noticeably akin to an authentic band of professional musicians has taken form. Albeit a very stoned band.

Be warned: If you don’t know Les Claypool is a genius, stay home. If you have no love for The Replacements and fIREHOSE, turn back. And if the sound of an electric guitar giving off the unmistakable metallic ring of a very enthusiastically entwined trio of funky electric eels making their way home to their dimension of Ridiculously Complex Bass Lines while passing through a Zappa-fied asteroid shower that just happens to be drumming out a strenuously ultra-credible 4/5 time-signature is well beyond the enthusiastic limits of your imagination, well, you just may not be stoned enough for Smoked Out Brainzzz. The fact of the matter is Smoked Out Brainzzz have moved beyond the schlock and cliche they themselves created, dropped the masks, kept the bud, and continued the show.

So here it is for the record: Smoked Out Brainzzz are now a solid 21st Century stoner/progressive rock band, made up of three talented/progressive (and arguably regressive) stoner artists, playing the best kind of stoner rock songs that they themselves wrote and you will love, songs the band obviously get stoned to and practice performing together much, much more than a lot.

Smoked Out Brainzzz not only live up to their name, they are a band that lives up to their potential.

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