After 10 years I wanted more pizazz…

When you’re a magazine publisher (and now editor-in-chief), and president and leader of a political party, in addition to being a career pot ex-convict with 20 arrests, 15 jailings, and 5 raids, there’s certainly a great load of responsibility!
Dana Larsen, the editor of Cannabis Culture for the past ten years, will continue to write lead stories for every issue of this magazine, but I will be responsible for choosing the selection of articles, and influencing the visual presentation.

While you read this, I’ll be hitting the campaign trail, as the election for the government of British Columbia is on May 17th. As the leader of the BC Marijuana Party, I have chosen to run in the riding of Aldergrove-Fort Langley. Our culture’s arch-nemesis here in BC, Solicitor-General Richard Coleman, is the Member of the Legislature from this suburban Vancouver riding. I’ll be mailing a report card to every member of the riding during the campaign, in hopes that Richard Coleman will be defeated ? by anyone!

These are now dangerous times in Canada, and the Bush administration continues to badger our country into a US-style war on personal freedom. After a deranged man shot and killed four federal police in rural Alberta, the politicians, police, newspapers, TV and radio seized on the incident to inflame the public with hysterical prohibitionist lies. At this time, mandatory minimums for growing marijuana have a frighteningly real chance of becoming federal law in Canada!

We know ourselves as a fun-loving, thoughtful, earth-centered, peace-loving, and enlightened culture that enjoys celebrating the wonder of cannabis, yet we go to jail in record numbers around the world ? especially in the USA. So it is my intention to write in every issue about people around the world who are imprisoned for our beloved plant, and those who are fighting for our freedom.

When awareness of the persecution and suffering inflicted on our fellow pot people is too much to bear, Cannabis Culture should be able to pleasure you with a lighter, deft touch. And the serious stories will be increased ? every day we bring you a new piece of our own journalism at our home page The very best of our journalism will appear here in Cannabis Culture.

Some of the serious subjects in this issue are about thermal imaging invading your privacy, newborn children being stolen from mothers at birth, and drug prisoner mistreatment in Alabama.

We tried to create a balance by including gorgeous photo-spreads, interesting strains of the past, really cool glass-blowing pictures, and of course, music, movies, and marijuana entertainment of every kind!

But can we reconcile our culture’s conflicting day-to-day realities in the same magazine? Should we be partying, getting high, playing games, and enjoying the culture of ganja, when so much misery is being hurled our way by the wicked forces of tyranny? Can activists, warriors, and consumers of cannabis still have fun in clear conscience?

I believe so! After reading the latest news and updates, play the Tokers Bowl Game! The rules are logical, consistent, and easy to learn. You play once and you get it, you’ll understand growing ? and it’s really great fun! Thanks to the genius of Dana Larsen and the artistic talent of Cartoon Bob, you’ll love it so much you should laminate it, to protect from burn marks, spillage and creases!

There will be a Tokers Bowl Game Tournament at Tokers Bowl 2005, with some really great prizes. You should join me and two hundred other guests for this very

special time in my home city of Vancouver, on July 1st through the 4th. Visit to register, and check out information and photos from Bowls of the past.

And to keep on top of the marijuana-related events in your area, check out our Cannabis Calendar in the back of this issue, and send in information about what’s happening in your town. It’s important for activists to know where to go and what to do to help end marijuana prohibition around the world!

Next issue, look for our stories about deadly tasers, pot prisoner Chapelle Leigh Corby and the End of Paradise, Operation Pipedream and its huge impact on the US Cannabis Culture, and of course, we will continue to print beautiful bud shots for our readers to drool over!

I hope you enjoy this issue. Send your comments to [email protected] and we’ll print our favorites in Pot Thoughts next issue!

Sow the seed, share the weed, and overgrow the government!

Marc Scott Emery