Top tokin’ tunes

Send us mini-reviews of the top five albums you like to hear when stoned, and we’ll print the best selections. All of the chosen music-lovers will receive a Cannabis Culture T-shirt and CC bud grinder. Keep those entries coming!


James Brown: Stoned to the Bone.James Brown: Stoned to the Bone.

Jimi Hendrix: Band of Gypsys

Jimi makes with the funky soul! The fat rhythms and bass on this album will put you in a mellow trance, and Jimi will take you to the next level with his amazing guitar work and thought-provoking lyricism. This album is totally unlike Jimi’s other more commonly known work and it is very unique and creative.

James Brown: The Payback

This double length album contains some of James’ best work. It was produced at the height of his band members’ abilities in 1973-74. The rhythms are very densely layered and hypnotic, the horns are very catchy, and James is at the top of his game. The last few songs on the album are very long, with jazzy funky horn solos, and these mellow jams are what I like best about this album, other than James’ hip rap, Stoned to the Bone.

Tower of Power: East Bay Grease

This first album by the well-known San Francisco funk band is totally unlike their later recordings and, in my view, is much more raw and visceral and alive. It is jam-packed with explosively funky soul except for one ballad at the end. This is real high-energy feel-good music, and it has a mellow coolness that works out really well. Social Lubrication and The Skunk, The Goose and The Fly are sure to strike a chord with the stoner in all of us. The musical arrangements on this album are very pleasing, and the music itself is very up-tempo, fun stuff, which will be sure to brighten the most lethargically fuzzy of couch stones.

Redbone: Potlatch

Redbone was most creatively active in the early 70’s. This album perhaps best showcases their writing and playing talent. There are one or two ballads to avoid for maximum enjoyment, but the rest of the album contains some very unique funky rock music with leanings towards jazz. Of particular note on this recording is the general prowess and creativity of the drummer, and the instrumental jam that closes the album.

Rasputin’s Stash: Rasputin’s Stash

This little known band from Chicago made only one real LP. But that one record contains more original and creative music than dozens of offerings from bands of lesser talent, then or now. The only low point is the couple of ballads on the album, but the rest is very well made and very unique music. Very creative, very funky, and sure to be a good addition to your stone. Beck sampled this album for the lyric “I’m a nasty, nasty man.”
?Jason G, SaskatchewanRedbone: PotlachRedbone: Potlach

Living on the edge

Pink Floyd: The Wall

The Wall has to be the number one pick for the best music to listen to after a nice fat bowl of White Widow. This hard rockin’ recording tells a tale of a man who carries a lot of emotional baggage. He creates a wall around himself as a defense. When he gets older he begins a musical career, calling himself Pink. His emotional state leads to a failed relationship (Don’t Leave Me Now) and thoughts of suicide (Goodbye Cruel World). If you are not Comfortably Numb by track six on the second CD, you need to light another bowl, and go back and listen to the first CD again.

Boston: Boston

If you love to get high on some great Sativa before you do work around the house, then make this experience even more enjoyable by listening to Boston. You will discover it’s More than a Feeling, and that you’re Smokin’ to the very last note. You will feel closer to nature as you listen to this great band.

Boston: Don’t Look Back

I couldn’t mention one without the other. Don’t Look Back because it’s not over yet. Don’t Be Afraid that you won’t enjoy your high, with some killer Blueberry x Hawaiian Sativa in your head it just can’t get any better than this! The amazing guitar work will put you in that up mood where all is good.

Black Sabbath: Master of Reality

Cough up another good hit while listening to a reminder of why you get high in the first place on that Sweet Leaf. Give thanks to God for giving you such a wonderful high in your Solitude that should last you Into the Void. If you’re looking for some great guitar riffs to go along with your favorite Sativa, with its up and energetic cerebral high, then this classic Black Sabbath will enhance it.

Nazareth: Hair of the Dog

Another hard rockin’ CD that should be in everyone’s music collection. Take another toke on a little Hair of the Dog and let Miss Misery keep you company as you contemplate how Love Hurts. With rockin’ music like this I’m sure it won’t be long before your mooching friend will come along to remind you it’s Beggar’s Day. Let that Whiskey Drinkin’ Woman have the booze, I’ll be happy with my sticky skunk bud. Sure I’ll share my friend, just Please Don’t Judas Me.

?Cliff, MissouriMy Bloody Valentine: LovelessMy Bloody Valentine: Loveless

Smokin’ grooves

Bob Dylan: The Basement Tapes

I love Dylan and this is most likely his loosest, funniest, weirdest album ever. Some of the lyrics are just insane, like the gem: “Now, pull that drummer out from behind that bottle/ Bring me my pipe, we’re gonna shake it/ Slap that drummer with a pie that smells/ Take me down to California, baby.” Brilliant! Also excellent is Apple Suckling Tree with Dylan on piano and an incredible organ solo. Great mind-bending type of stuff.

Mazzy Star: She Hangs Brightly

Eerie, druggy, and trippy. I’m a sucker for dream/noise pop and Mazzy Star is up there near the top of my list. While all three Mazzy albums are amazing, the energy on She Hangs Brightly is evident in everything from David Roback’s guitar to Hope Sandoval’s writing and vocals to the talents of various session musicians. I especially enjoy Give You My Lovin’ and Halah.

My Bloody Valentine: Loveless

This album is a big, sloppy, all-out sonic orgasm from start to finish. On first listen, if you are unacquainted with the genre, Loveless is like an epiphany. This album is awe-inspiring in its scope and artistic ambition, reaching heights of intellectual stimulation rarely reached with rock and roll. Throw on the headphones, push play, roll a fattie and prepare to be taken on an auditory rollercoaster.

The Wailers: Burnin’

A reggae classic from the man himself. So many great tracks I could list the whole album, but especially great are Burnin’ and Lootin’, Put it On, Small Axe, and Duppy Conquerer. As they say in Jamaica: “The grass grows tall for the cows and ants, but the herb on this earth is for the use of man.”Jimi Hendrix: Electric LadylandJimi Hendrix: Electric Ladyland

Jimi Hendrix: Electric Ladyland

Absolutely the best rock and roll record ever made, period. The long, meandering tales, the unmatched guitar work, the innovation, the energy, the psychedelic atmosphere. No person could ever say enough about this album or Hendrix. He is a guitar god, ’nuff said. In my humble experience, large bong tokes in mass quantities seem to go best with Electric Ladyland.

?David L, Central California

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