Unexpected Invite to Harvest cup

Even though there was a new “Newhawk’s” show ready to go for Pot-TV, I’d received a couple worried emails wondering “what had become of my journaling of late?”
I slugged up the stairs of the historic Dominion building to go face Emery, now the hard nosed Editor and Chief of Cannabis Culture Magazine, as well as Publisher.

Knocking timidly as a church mouse on the editorial office’s unmarked door, and nodding Asanas to all the new staff at their desks… (Whom are now used to my specter like comings and goings for brief audiences with the Prince of Pot, gone J. Jonah Jameson, who’s constantly busy with Jodie G. interviewing new talent and rolling up his editorial sleeves.)

Toque in hand, I mumbled and blubbered out a convoluted explanation that taking anti-biotics, prescribed for an infection, had cramped my style by forcing me to sleep relatively ‘normal’ hours, crippling my ability to stay up and blogg in a stoned out insomnia-tic sativa haze through the wee hours of the morn, as is my usual custom.

At least I’d sent in the article on David’s tour that morning so, I had one feather in my cap.

Stumped for content, I idly asked if there was anything Mr. Emery wanted me to cover coming up any time soon.

“Well you well enough to cover the www.kindseed.com Harvest Cup?,” Marc had assumed I would be.

“Well… I don’t know… I never thought… I can’t afford it… It must be expensive.” I worried it a seeming impossibility.

Following up for Marc anyway, crossing the street on the 300 block of West Hastings to the Kind Revolution; music, pipes, and boarder shop. I asked bearded, Chad: “How much?”

“$500.00 USD!”

I just immediately put the idea right out of my head, yet still reported the sad news back to his ‘High’-ness the Prince of Pot and Patron of the Rebellious Arts.

Chad had said I could hang around maybe cover some of the events but to talk to his business partner Scott.

“I’ll go down negotiate with Scotty,” Marc reassured me. “Make sure you get your complete judges package and all that…”

(Complete with a glass pipe from Red Eye Glass, a BC Harvest Cup Bud Grinder, and Rolling Papers & Blunt Wraps from HBI, a BC Harvest Cup 2005 t-shirt, “a Judge’s Guide to Vancouver,” and a Judge’s Ballot. The Judge’s Pass allows VIP access to exclusive parties and events throughout the Harvest Cup weekend. No one without a Judge’s Pass will be allowed in any of the events or parties.)

“You’ll be representing Cannabis Culture you’ll have to look good,” Marc cautioned me, pointing out the coffee stains I’d already acquired that morning and wrinkled western shirt, sans a tie.

“And make sure your buckles done up, get rid of those runners. You got formal shoes? Good. Clean and press everything.” was his fraternal advice.
Marc continued with advice on writing style. “Hang back, stay out of the way, and help where you can. Let them do their show.

Be like a fly on the wall. Keep track of important luminaries and names of performers and bands.

You’re reporting this for the people that want to be here but cant; people who wish they could have gone or want to go next year.

Make them feel like they are really there! I want nightly reports including one in advance of event telling how preparations are going.

“Yes sir. Don’t worry. That’s my forte’! Thank you sir!” Was my quick response.

“Yeah Flash…” Marc laughed. “Just write like you Always do! Ask Scott for photos too if you need them for up on the site.”

“Flash has his own camera now, he can take pictures himself!” Jodie chimed in.

“I certainly will. Thanks again Marc you wont be disappointed,” I called out, before, I made myself scarce down the twisty stairwell, skipping two at a time.

“Where will the event be held” was the question on most caf? regulars’ minds, at the New Amsterdam Caf?. No one was looking forward to the caf? being closed during regular hours, for any length of time. The Kind Seed Co, Kind Revolution store is hardly big enough to turn around in.

Chad, at Kind Revolution, the following day, assured me that my place at the event was secure and to come by Thursday Afternoon to Kind Revolution to pick up my judging and press pass.

I was surprised to hear that a limit of only 120 tix. have been made available, knowing the capacity of the New Amsterdam Caf?, including its basement for dancing, reaches 200.

Chad explained that by the time you get staff and family involved the numbers increase. There lies an opportunity where they may even open up an evening with a $20.00 at the door event for the public to join in, possibly, on Saturday. The main reason for the limit of 120 is the capacity of the boat cruise they have booked as part and parcel of their finale.

People tend to treat me like a magik mushroom, in that I’m kept in the dark till the very last minute and fed nothing but Bullshit, as a rule.

However, my Columbo skills always seem to come through in my bumbling way. I could not help but observe the ebb and flow of staff from both Kind Revolution and the popular New Amsterdam Caf? coming and going from an adjacent building in last minute preparations for something.

It certainly wouldn’t be my place to give out the top secret location of the bulk of the Harvest cup judging events, but, from peaking in the door to see the large numbers of tables and place settings laid out, I will say: “A good time will be had by All. You can Bank on it.”

I thanked Chad and dispatched him with my salutations and thanks to Scotty as well, but was rather floored when Chad took the opportunity to thank Moi as well.

“Thanks Chad!”.

“No, Thank You!” was his reply.

The next four days will be a Marijuana Marathon. Chad, for one, doesn’t see any sleep for him for the rest of the week. I’ll be up late after the festivities reporting on them.

There may still be a few tickets left if you act now, and act fast. Today! They’ll help you with hotel reservations as well where required. Good Luck!
www.kindseed.com For Ticket Info CALL 1-866-877-8568