Flowering an indoor-outdoor plant

I germinated a seed I found while cleaning. The plant is three months old, about a foot high (I pinched/dwarfed it) and bushy. It smells like very strong skunk. Each morning I set it outside and I bring it in each night. I didn’t think the plant would get this far, but now I want to finish the job. The plant isn’t flowering. What do I do to make it flower?
RHM Dream,

Lavergne, Tennessee

Marijuana is triggered to flower by providing it with an extended period of uninterrupted darkness each evening. Although you are bringing the plant in the house each evening, you are keeping it in an area where it still receives some light.

Instead, each evening, at the same time, place it in absolute darkness when you bring it in. Don’t expose it to light, even for a few moments, until you remove it in the morning after 12 hours of darkness. The plant will start flowering within a week or so.

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