Sunlight and plant light

My plant is using sunlight from an eastern window and receives three hours of direct sunlight (through a window) during the day. During the night, it is lit by an incandescent 75-watt plant light bulb. Can my plant grow like this or do I really need a special light? The stem is very long and skinny. Will it thicken up or should I do something for that?
New Pot Grower,

The stem is skinny and tall rather than short and sturdy because the plant isn’t getting enough light and it’s getting the wrong combination of spectrums. The sunlight is good for the plant and its intensity can be increased by making a reflector from cardboard or plastic to reflect incoming light back to the plant. Rather than using the incandescent plant light, use a 50 or 100-watt (not 50 or 100-watt equivalent) warm-white compact fluorescent lamp or a small watt metal halide lamp. I’m not suggesting a high pressure sodium lamp because the unusual color is inappropriate near a window. Keep the light on continuously until you are ready to force the plant to flower.

The reflector and either the fluorescent or metal halide lamp will provide ample light.

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