Traffic stops

When stopped by cops, it is best to keep your cool, act normal, and whatever you do, don’t ask to use the car lighter from their cruiser to spark up a joint.
One Ontario man didn’t go that far last September, but he did sprint suspiciously from his car as soon as he was pulled over. When he was wrestled to the ground, cops found a pot leaf stuck to his shoe. Upon searching his vehicle, police found three mature, 13-foot high marijuana plants in the trunk.

Running desperately from the car always seems to tip off the cops, especially after weaving erratically all over the road. Consider the recent case of the California man who darted out of his taxi after it was pulled over for blocking a police car from merging into a highway lane, leading to a search that netted 100 pounds; or the chap who dashed madly from his pick-up truck after Buckeye, Arizona, cops pulled him over on suspicion of drunk driving, leading to a search that netted 200 pounds of pot.

Other dead give-aways that resulted in busts last fall include the New York man who was pulled over for weaving, nervous as hell and perfumed with a strong cannabis aroma; the Jamaican man who supplied an obviously fake visa and driver’s license; and the school bus driver who cops suspect hotboxed the bus after delivering kids to a football game.

Undoubtedly, traffic stops can be a bald pretext to sniff out pot, but once pulled over don’t give suspicious police any obvious reason to check your vehicle.