Unlikely circumstances

The best laid plans can be laid to waste by a cruel throw of the dice. A Michigan grower lost his measly patch of eight plants, likely for personal use, because of a campaign visit from President Bush last August. A state police helicopter assigned to protect Bush somehow spotted the tiny trees as it was landing at a nearby airport. The quick-thinking growers ripped up the plants and dumped them in a nearby stream before cops arrived.
Similarly, a string of odd coincidences might lead to disaster. Last October, a two-year-old boy was brought to the hospital for burns in his mouth, possibly after eating food that was too hot for him. Hospital staff secretly tested him for marijuana and discovered THC in his urine. Doctors concluded that he had eaten a huge, burning marijuana joint and speedily contacted police, who searched the mother’s apartment to find a small baggie of pot. The mother’s boyfriend was arrested for possession.

Another unfortunate chain of events stirred cops to a frenzy of weeding that saw 12,000 marijuana plants uprooted from a field outside of Peterborough, Ontario, last September. It all began when a man with an apparent disliking for herb found a dog wandering the countryside and took it upon himself to find the pet’s owner. While walking up to a nearby farmhouse, the “good Samaritan” discovered the massive plantation and then ran off hysterically to alert the cops.

Sometimes it’s the outcomes rather than the causes that are unusual. During an indoor raid last October, police found grow equipment that they’d removed from various locations during earlier raids over the past six years. Police eventually learned that the federal government was auctioning confiscated equipment at bargain prices to aspiring growers and keeping the cash, ensuring a future crop of profitable busts.