Smuggling cops

A job as a US homeland security nark might not be so bad. No one would suspect you, for example, if you slipped a few hundred kilos of nugs over the line every now and then.
At least that’s what eight-year veteran Cory Whitfield thought until he was busted smuggling 243 kilos of bud from BC to the US last September. Canada Customs has its share of opportunists as well: 20-year veteran Border Agent Rose Palmer and seven others were arrested after trying to smuggle hundreds more kilos into the US last October.

Trusted officials everywhere are cashing in on cross-border drug capers. Take the case of American Airlines’ director of security, Stephanie Ambroise, who was arrested at Haiti’s largest airport on suspicion of smuggling millions of dollars worth of coke to the US last October; or the three unnamed Canadian army soldiers who were busted for smuggling what is thought to be “huge amounts” of marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy and methamphetamine last September.

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