Light regimen irregularity

I have a 430-watt HPS covering an area of about two by three feet. 15 beautiful little ladies sit under the light. I have thrown three of them into flowering by keeping the light on 24 hours and removing the three plants 12 hours a day, allowing the others to continue growing vegetatively.
The problem is that this darkening method can’t be hooked up to a timer, and I am pretty bad about removing them from and replacing them under the light at exactly the right time every day. Will an extra 10-20 minutes of light or darkness on a regular basis cause my girls to turn to hermaphrodites? They look just perfect but I’ve heard horror stories like that.

CJ Mack,

Bud growth will be adversely affected by an irregular light cycle. Regularity is the key to perfect buds. When the lights are turned on and off irregularly, even by a half-hour variation daily, the buds will not be as tight. They may also stretch a bit and there is a slight chance of hermaphroditism being expressed.

Removing the plants to and from darkness daily can work, but you have to be very exact about timing to maintain the best conditions for bud growth. A variation of five minutes each day will probably not harm buds. More than that will be detrimental.

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