Screaming for attention

Some people will do anything for a little attention.
In Butler, Pennsylvania, June was harvest time for a man who had a large grow operation in his shed, a time when you would usually expect people to lie low. Yet in the middle of the night, while he cut down plants and trimmed buds, a screaming match erupted from his house, alerting cops who quickly filed for a warrant.

That same month in Australia, a man who thought young campers had stolen his pot raged into their site, threw one boy into a lake, hit another with a chain and sicked his dog on a third before cops arrived to arrest him.

One month later, in Burnaby, British Columbia, police responded to a domestic disturbance after neighbors reported screaming and yelling in an apartment. Instead of a fuming couple, however, they found fuming marijuana, the smell of which was so rich and welcoming that police entered the home to search and found nine pounds.

To hothead potheads: smoke a joint to relax your temper!