Twisted anti-druggies

Compare weed-loving paragons of wealth and privilege with the weird employees of anti-drug forces that scourge the US. For example, consider the drug-treatment marketer who boasts a Guinness Book world record for sitting in a bathtub with 81 live rattlesnakes and stuffing nine of the snakes’ tales in his mouth for 10 seconds. This guy makes a living discouraging people from smoking pot ? maybe he thinks puffing on live rattlesnakes is less risky than a little medicinal herb.
Or take the sheriff of Aiken County, South Carolina, who despite being born with the name Michael Hunt, preferred to be called “Mike Hunt,” (say it quickly) and ran his election campaign under the slogan “Mike Hunt/Accessible For You.”

With folks like this on the side of the drug war, it’s obvious why everyone could use a toke now and again.