Plant travel plans

I am going to be moving and it will be three months before I can grow in earnest again. I have some very good strains and would like to preserve them to grow again. How can I slow down their growth and maintain the plants in suspended animation?
Traveling Man,
Topeka, Kansas

Take cuttings of the plants and keep them in a cooler in the dark at about 50 deg F (10 deg C) during the trip to the plants’ new home. When they arrive prepare them for rooting, and root the cuttings. Place them in a space with a temperature of about 60 deg F (15.5 deg C) and a moderate fluorescent light with an input of about 15 watts per square foot. Use growth fertilizer diluted to 500 ppm.

When you wish to start up the new garden, change the temperature, light conditions and fertilizer concentration to promote rapid growth.

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