Nall files appeal

ALEXANDER CITY, Al. – Sept. 23, 2004 (ALMJP) – Alabama and US Marijuana Party founder Loretta Nall will appear in Tallapoosa County Circuit Court on Sept. 30, 2004 at 9 a.m. to begin the appeals process in her case. Mrs. Nall was convicted in Feb. 2004 of 2nd degree Possession of Marijuana and Possession of Paraphernalia.
Mrs. Nall, who maintains her innocence, was arrested in a November 2002 raid on her home less than a week after the Birmingham News published her letter to the editor in which she called for citizens to vote and change Alabama’s drug laws.

The Tallapoosa County Narcotics Task Force, which conducted the raid on Nall’s home, alleges that the raid yielded 0.87 grams of marijuana.

Mr. Charles Salvagio, a renowned drug defense attorney from Birmingham, is representing Mrs. Nall.

After her trial in Feb. 2004 Mrs. Nall filed a complaint with the Alabama Judicial Inquiry Commission alleging misconduct on the part of Judge Kim Taylor after he commented about the facts of her case to the local media. The Judicial Inquiry Commission sided with Mrs. Nall and reprimanded Judge Kim Taylor for his actions.

Loretta Nall, 30, wife, mother of two children living in her native Alabama, became involved in drug policy reform in September of 2002, after enduring a terrifying helicopter raid by local, state and federal agents looking for Marijuana.

Since that time Mrs. Nall has founded and organized 35 state chapters of the US Marijuana Party, has hosted the News (see for 12 months, interviewing Jesse Jackson and Dennis Kucinich in regards the drug war in America. Loretta Nall has appeared in Rolling Stone Magazine,, and numerous daily newspapers across North America on behalf of her campaign to reduce the destructive effects of prohibition in America. She recently returned from war-torn Colombia, South America where she studied the affects of aerial fumigation on the food crops of peasant farmers as carried out under U.S. Plan Colombia. Currently, she is assisting in guiding a medical marijuana bill through the Alabama state legislature in concert with the Drug Policy Alliance and was recently appointed to an advisory board being commissioned at the request of Alabama’s Prison Commissioner.

Mrs. Nall plans to run for Governor of Alabama in 2006.

All media and supporters are encouraged to attend the trial. For more information please call Mrs. Nall at 404-806-5303 or email her at [email protected]

The Alabama Marijuana Party is a Political Action Committee founded by Loretta Nall of Alexander City, in November 2002. The goal of the party is to legalize marijuana in the State of Alabama.

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