Potto lotto

The roll of the dice doesn’t always favor society’s rich and powerful. It’s how they handle it that counts.
Last April, a Roman Catholic bishop braved the Vatican’s long-standing insistence that pot is satanic in support of a doomed medical marijuana bill that languished without debate in Vermont’s House of Representatives. Bishop Kenneth Angell’s support came in the form of a postcard sent to a politician as part of a Marijuana Policy Project write-in campaign.

The postcard sported the bishop’s name but not his title, and asked for debate on the bill to continue. A reporter spotted the bishop’s missive in a massive stack of similar postcards, and happened to note the name. Angell showed further courage when questioned by the local press, issuing a formal statement in favor of med-pot.

So far Bishop Angell is getting off easy compared to the Gosport Borough, Hampshire, UK, Liberal Democratic leader and elected counselor, Mike Russell. Like the bishop, Russell was busted by reporters, who found a stray picture of him being hugged by pot activists in a local cannabis cafe last March. Some members of his party threatened to resign if Russell refused to step down as leader. Rather than hang his head in false shame, however, he told his fellow party members to get lost.

Now that we have covered the powerful, that leaves the rich. Last May 2003 an Australian man won ?100,000 on a television game show, and reinvested it in growing herb. After cops busted him, he glowingly and publicly admitted that cannabis was a great investment, returning a total of ?68,000 in just under a year!