Generally crooked cops

Crooked cops tend to proliferate in the field of drug war enforcement, where there’s easier money and less scrutiny than elsewhere.

In November 2003, 30 Brooklyn narcotics cops were disciplined for conduct unbecoming an officer and faking overtime. At a base pay of $45 an hour, they stole thousands by falsifying their work records.

In May 2004, the Chelmsford, Massachusetts, top anti-drug cop Michael Horan was charged with 20 counts related to stealing from the local DARE program. Horan pleaded not guilty despite evidence that he bought a $35,000 truck, gambled heavily and carried seven loans on a paycheck that was garnisheed for child support.

Also in May 2004, two Louisiana sheriff’s deputies were busted for faking their hours and illegally trafficking in prescription painkillers. Although cops are rarely punished for their misdeeds, it’s reassuring that officers Richard Wong and Floyd Carver were both fired.