High power compact fluorescents

I am planning on growing in a space that is four feet high and I’m concerned about heat and burning my babies under HIDs. Because they have to be kept so far from the plants, I’d have only about two feet of growing space. I was considering going to the new 100-watt compact fluorescents. What do you think?
Stoned Cold,
Beaver Creek, Yukon

The high-watt fluorescents would give you more vertical space and are more appropriate to the situation. You will need a space of about six inches between the light and the tops of the plants. If the light has to be distributed more evenly, use 50-watt lamps rather than 100-watt bulbs. Try to give the garden about 50 watts of light per square foot.

Warm-white compact fluorescents emit about half the light per watt as a high pressure sodium. The fluorescent light has a higher percentage of red and orange light than the light HPS lamps emit. Plants use red light most efficiently for photosynthesis.

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