Marc Emery sentenced to 3 months in jail

Emery from a July 2003 arrest in WinnipegEmery from a July 2003 arrest in WinnipegOn Thursday, August 19, marijuana activist Marc Emery was sentenced to 90 days in jail for passing two joints in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
Emery is the President of the BC Marijuana Party, publisher of Cannabis Culture magazine, and founder of Pot-TV. The charges stem from a March 22, 2004 incident following a political speech Emery gave at the University of Saskatoon in the run up to the federal election.

Emery shared two marijuana joints with individuals who met with him in a local park after attending his speech. Although charges of trafficking are rarely, if ever, laid just for passing a joint, the police and prosecutor went out of their way to lay this charge against Emery.

The charge of trafficking carries with it a possible seven year jail sentence, for simply passing a joint to a friend. Saskatoon is one of Canada’s most anti-pot regions, with strict marijuana sentences handed out often. The Crown prosecutor in the case was asking for a sentence of two years less a day.

Following his arrest in March, Emery spent three nights in jail, was forced to pay $3,500 bail and additional legal costs, as well as agree to stipulations severely restricting his rights and freedoms – all for passing two joints. Now he has been sentenced to 90 days in jail.

The “decriminalization” bill proposed by the federal Liberals would do nothing to stop these kinds of “trafficking” charges being laid just for passing a joint in the future.

Marc Emery is currently imprisoned in Saskatoon. He is hoping to appeal the sentence but is likely to be in jail for many weeks regardless.

Despite the fact that Emery is in prison, the viability and security of his mail-order seed business is not threatened. Orders will be filled and customers queries responded to as normal.Emery from a July 2003 arrest in Winnipeg

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Marc Emery’s legal counsel, Leanne Johnson 306-249-6592 or 306-717-4157

Michelle Rainey, Marc Emery’s personal assistant: 604-317-1119

Marc Emery’s arrest on March 22, 2004:

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