Flash woos press and Suncell

Marijauna Garden logoMarijauna Garden logoThe Suncell guy on 3028 Commercial Drive in Vancouver BC is almost directly across the street from the BC Compassion Club, where they offer “Donations” once or twice a week of a gram to patients ‘in need,’ so seemed a natural to pop in for a “donation” then check out the grow systems at www.suncell.ca. Every time Flash had planned to make this sojourn to the far end of commercial drive, he had been caught up in the bedlam and inspirational efforts and heroic idealism at the BC Marijuana Party Headquarters. Flash Gordon had stood up the Volt several afternoons in a row showing up only at 6pm when Suncell and the club across the street were closing. Flash deliberately set his alarm and cued up his vhs tapes to bring the latest news items of ‘Drug Czar’ John Walter’s visit and rude reception here in Vansterdam with VANDU and DERA on his butt, over US stance on safe injection sites. Walters was here to exaggerate the effects and volume reefer madness style of BC bud exported stateside. In fact, med pot advocates point out that stronger herb means they can take less into their lungs where it is in fact and expectorant unlike tobacco, that constricts the passageways in the lungs.
Flash was reviewing the ridiculous movie “HIGH” he had brought in to www.pot-tv.net studios. It was put out under the Trudeau era of free expression and funding for independent films which tried to dissuade people from the hippy dippy world of the pot smoker with numerous screen after scene of gratuitius sex brought on by what looks like a small amount of Mexican brick. Of course the hedonist protagonist who looks like Dylan or Gilligan goes from bad to worse first spiking his supply with oregano then stealing credit cards, pimping, whoring and robbing, followed by the tragic murders at the end. All the while serenaded by take offs of the Beatles and Morrison with obvious prohibitionist themes. Flash was watching this and craving a cigarette, when a short blond CTV reporter comes in asking for Cannabis Scholar and Executive Director of Pot-TV Chris Bennett. Chris showed quickly after Flash had introduced himself as having Ujal in the Provincial Election and garnered 3.5% off his tail.

Chris went out back to receive the reporter and Flash made himself scarce out front of BCMP. He noticed a CTV camera man photographing the sandwich boards for the seed businesses and asked him why he was not going downstairs? The camera guy said the reporter was in Blunt Brothers, trying to get permission to do an interview in there. Flash approached the reporter and told him that he thought that if more young people were choosing cannabis over cigarettes and alcohol or even rave or hard drugs from the streets that it’s a “good thing” The reporter chose to interview Scott, the friendly well informed manager on duty at the New Amsterdam Cafe, along side of Flash at one of the central tables. Flash had run into BC Marijuana Party headquarters to borrow a bud of exceptional quality for a “prop.” The reporter was amazed at how quickly Flash had ‘scored.’ “Oh i borrowed it for a prop” Flash confessed to the reporter’s amusement. It was a very casual interview partly because the specialty papers they were using just wouldn’t burn. The prop joint Flash was smoking on cam at end of CTV national report kept going out probably due to the hasty roll. Flash was embarrassed, people would think he was smoking “chemy bud.” He tried to do the kewl half French inhale toke like those guys on “Killah hits” do, but couldn’t get a solid enough drag. They tried two different numbers until finally Scott got it going. After they had interviewed Flash and Scott, Flash,as usual, talking too fast and too long, to make the edits. Flash had addressed the “gateway theory” by describing cannabis as an “exit drug.” He knows people have used it to stay away from, or recover from alcohol and hard drugs like coke, meth,and heroin. He went on to say that prohibition causes the gateway, by forcing the youth to purchase on the black market where other drugs may be introduced. The drug war was a civil war, he closed with,in that it pits brother against brother and crosses all cultural and social lines, and is in many culture’s traditions. Flash then asked when they were going downstairs to see Chris? It turns out they were not the same reporter and camera guy at all, but on the same team of CTV. In fact, the New Amsterdam Cafe was beginning to look like a check point on the popular reality show “Amazing Race” as reporters filed through the door. The CBC lady reporter Flash had met when conservative Fraser report was released, advocating regulating and taxing marijuana, had arrived looking dazed and too rushed and too tired to go down see the victory garden behind BCMP HQ. Flash tipped her off that Scott was managing the cafe that day and her crew quickly set up in corner of restaurant to quiz him on the frequency of soft drug tourists. After all this excitement you’d think Flash would have forgotten all about his plans to visit the compassion club and suncell.ca, but instead Flash forgot his satchel of tapes on the floor of Pot-TV and hopped aboard the Sky Train to be scooted to Commercial Drive. At the Compassion Club on 14th the menu sounded scrumptious; Afghani Hindu Kush at top of menu at $9.00 a gram; Queen Jane, named after the queen of Nimbin was second at $8.00. There was reliable Montreal Cross, Purple Pineberry the uplifting Soulshine, Jacks Cross which is smooth and strong, classic BC Big Bud, all for $8.00 and the clubs favorite Fishermans indica at economical price of $7.00 a gram.

However there was also a warning “No Dono’s Today” It was Wednesday and Dono days are Tuesdays now.

Not in the least disheartened, Flash set out across the street to meet the friend he met at the Toker’s Bowl the [email protected]. Volt was happy to see Flash, and had received his email apologizing for the two times he stood him up and setting the afternoon aside to learn the ins and outs of Suncell products. Flash asked the store owner if, like so many other lighting equipment stores,customers, asked him for advice on their “Tomato Crops.” “Oh no, laughed Volt, I know their not growing tomatoes.” In fact, a major part of what Volt offers is advice and service. He got the name Volt because he was a professional Lighting Technician for a company in North Vancouver. More and more of his weekends were taken up with helping friends hook up their electricity safely. That got him thinking back in 95 when he commissioned another lighting company to build him a cabinet prototype. Unfortunately the business relationship soured and the company came out with their own “power grow” unit utilizing some of the elementary technology Volt had introduced them too. This caused Volt to have to go “back to the drawing board “In 2000 he came out with sun cell T8 The same guy he sold a T8 uses it still plus the happy customer bought a new T5. He saw where he had first made his mistake of using 400 Wat and 600 Wat h.p.s. and went to what he calls T5 technology by adding UVB Electronic light to reduce pests and “increase resin content” The T5 produces over 60,000 lumen’s allowing for plant to grow 22 inches. His Big box is perfect for mothers and clones 28″ deep X 48″ wide. He also has simple HID replacement Units so no need for expensive cooling systems and power savings. The vertical hanging UV fixture will solve your pest problems. He is working with the makers of the cage or coliseum units marketed by Arita Wholesale Garden Supply by replacing the commonly used HID system with a caged lighting system. His T5 flowering unit is unique in that it draws less than 6 Amps of power. He has taken back some older units in trade and has offers available for medical users. Although apart from compassion club members who get 10% off its difficult on the Internet to ascertain if someone is in medical need. Sun cell claims “you can grow like a pro anywhere and beat the heat… just plug in and grow” but their not so naive to suggest you wont have questions and Volt is available to take on all comers. So far he has sold well over 200 units, he’s not making a huge profit, barely overhead, but hes establishing a name for himself in grow circles. For those of you in the United States, don’t be disheartened, not only are Suncell products available in Canada but from www.marijuanagarden.com and www.hempgarden.com states side as well as from the Canadian based www.suncell.ca at 3080 Commercial Drive in Vancouver BC.

This is not the cruelly labeled “fire in a box” made of wood that received so much ridicule. Volt is a professional lighting technician’s and knows the box must be metal and have factors such as heat,power consumption and safety covered. Shipping internationally is no problem he has a shipping company at his service and signed NAFTA agreement which prevents it even being opened for inspection.What he provides is “High intensity power efficient lighting” A T5, after payment for material costs takes only 1 to 3 weeks to build and ship. HID replacements take 3 to 5 weeks and Big Box 4 to 6 weeks all of which includes a mandatory week for testing. In fact he showed Flash Gordon one waiting to be picked up and shipped that he was leaving on till the very last minute. Volt was even bold enough, even proud to say,that Jamaican sugar grown in his units placed 11th in the previous years www.tokersbowl.com bowl. After they had closed the shop and left Flash got to try a taste of the fruity jamaican. Volts got great ideas about providing housing and a place to grow for med patients and thinks its high over due. Again any questions? Volt stresses to email him, visit the site and remember he provides full instruction manual which if all else failed you could take time to read. That night there was a media blitz on pot and as usual the Cannabis Culture was well represented on all canadien channels.Marijauna Garden logo