Legends of Hash 2004 Bash

Flash hits the bongFlash hits the bongFlash was finishing off the left over election night chili, when Mik Man, the Marijuana Party candidate for Port Alberni, appeared at his door. Flash congratulated him on coming in 5th out of eight candidates in his riding. Mik said it was funny, as after taking every opportunity to attend all candidates meetings, and allowing himself to be quoted in the news, and vancouver island TV, people smile and tip their hats to him, all over town. “Hey, they have so little to talk about, to begin with!” he adds modestly, but Mik aka Opus on the CC forums is up front about being a medical user and has all the paper work to provide for himself with 5 plants, and to carry on his person, up to 7.5 ounces.
During the provincial election, Mik did very well, and at the time, thought of burning his exemption papers, but his rare exemption status has brought him the ear of the press, and he’s shown himself to be outspoken with the press, and has confidence to live without fear and paranoia. Mik smoked some Island goodness with Flash and the boys, then asked to use the bathroom to freshen up. Turned out Mik had been invited by Bubbleman himself to attend a soiree he was putting on to raise funds to provide ‘donations’ to medical marijuana users in need. The admission price was steep for Flash, but knowing the tendency of tourists to BC have of passing on a toke after they’ve had three or four, Flash calculated how many bowls of bubblehash he could possibly smoke over a number of hours to equate to $50.00, plus as a compassion club member he supports them and who knows?, he may need a donation himself some day soon. Plus, Flash factored in that www.livingsourcecafe.ca Vancouvers ONLY all-raw restaurant, with organic, vegan gourmet live food, such as delicious raw smoothies and exquisite raw deserts would be served. Flash got himself cleaned up, but knew not to dress too formal and after fortifying himself with some Eh Train, he set off on the Victoria bus to the Melting Point Gallery at 1111 Commercial Drive, where the private fundraiser was taking place. Flash arrived fashionably late.

Quite aware he hadn’t necessarily been invited, Flash parted the heavy velvet curtain covering the door and made a bee-line to Bubbleman’s side, who didn’t seem the least surprised to see him there. Flash asked if it was too late to buy a ticket, and it was no problem at all. Before he could even fill one of the many elaborate and expensive glass pieces adorning every table and nook and cranny with some sticky bubble hash, Bubbleman had gotten him a lamenated pass and keep sake.

Immediately Flash recognized Kgbud from California, who has attened every Toker’s Bowl so far, and the guy even had a gift for Flash of five varaties of yummy pot, all marked alphabetically. Mik was out on the back deck, hanging out with the likes of Jordan of the island, himself trying out the Afgani Kush 47.They were laughing that people always want to know what the initials mean like ” what does “C4″ stand for? ” Everyone was given a card as a kind of program card, but all, it seemed, were using it as a tray to carry samples of hash. A table was set out with samples dutifully marked “Dj Short’s Flo, Blueberry, Chimera’s C4 and Breeder Steve’s Shiskaberry3. Legends: Ultimate Indica Hashplant, Crush and AK-47 plus others. The Northern Lights Blueberry was very popular and like tar where others resembled powdered cocoa or chocolate or thick fudge. Flash was probably the only one smoking cigarettes on the back deck and coughing his head off, of course, on the bubblehash. No one seemed to mind though general consensus being ‘you have to cough to get off’. Flash chatted with a gentleman from New York about the success of “the Soprano’s”and how religiously they’re watched, even here in Canada. The New Yorker wasnt sure if he would take the boat cruise ( www.keloentertainment.com ) at 2pm, go to the celebration of Canada Day on July 1st, or if he should buy a ticket to the Toker’s Bowl. Flash told him Marc throws on the extras, and introduced him to Kgbud to get the low down from a fellow American. This excellent red bearded fellow slaved all night volunteering to run the volcano vaporisor. He was kind enough to let Flash take the vapors on several occasions repeatedly sending him into the back of his head almost like an ice cream headache, only with out pain. Only pleasure exists as your taste buds and nasal passages “taste” what could be described as the absolute “essence of the bud.” A young crew- cutted fellow who had flown in from the States, Wyoming possibly, helped Flash by operating the heat gun on the Vrip Tech with less overwhelming results but again, that taste of essence. Flash was very surprised to find Quicmik on the back porch too, an old friend from Pot-Tv chat and the forums who has also done alot of work on the Overgrow forums. It was very surprising to see him, who will unfortuneately not be here for the duration of the Toker’s Bowl.

The Living Food was brought out; laid out on platers as colourfully as a French gourmet. Using dips and sauces of pesto and guacamoli, they had decorated the peppers and celery, there were mini sundried pizzas and wonderful appetizers and desserts. “Who doesn’t like cellery and carrot sticks?” Flash pondered.

It was all surprisingly satisfying and perfect for a humid evening. Then they brought out the smoothies…

Flash wasn’t sure at first if it was Bhang as well and the cheeky girl would only wink and say “try it.” Flash hoped it was the East Indian cannabis drink but probably was just foamy fruit, in any case it was cooling and refreshing indeed.

There was no shortage of hash, but there seemed a limit as to how much the majority of the guests could handle. There was some heavy weights there, like Marc E’s security chief who could toke you under the table, or Kgbud who won last year’s bong competition but the crowd was thining as the tourists sought after their hotel rooms. Especially those eliminated by the glass waterfall bong.

Mik was nice enough to drop Flash off home. He was going to stay, but the back driveway was too much of an angle, so he went off to park in another spot he knew of.

Tommorow after the celebration of Cannabis Day on Georgia and Howe, at the Vancouver Art gallery steps, at 2pm, some people will be going back to the Melting Point Gallery for the Degenerate art show 6:30 pm.