Hemp Conspiracy

Hemp Conspiracy should shake the foundations of the war on hemp, and change the world forever.
The 417-page book, currently available only online as an e-book, details Canadian author Paul Wylie’s year-long imprisonment in a horrific Nicaraguan prison. Wylie’s crime? Growing industrial hemp, with the written permission of the Nicaraguan government (CC#27, Nicaraguan hemp nightmare).

Wylie describes the deplorable conditions behind bars, with psychological and physical torment inflicted on him by a corrupt legal system. The food is inedible, deadly diseases and violence are rampant, friends are potential enemies, and the only water available comes from a toilet.

Wylie’s book also unravels the complex forces behind the destruction of his business, Hemp-Agro, and the reasons for his arrest. Some of his fellow inmates are past big-time players in the CIA drugs-for-arms scheme that unseated the previous Nicaraguan government and scandalized Reagan’s presidency. From them, Wylie uncovers gritty, personal stories of families and friends turned against each other by civil war, dehumanized by violence and sometimes beaten into submission.

Wylie also celebrates and embodies the adventurous spirit that will hopefully never be broken. A final chapter explains convincingly how hemp can save the earth by significantly reducing atmospheric carbon, how Wylie plans to return to Nicaragua to finish his project, and the conspiracy that still threatens industrial hemp.

Wylie’s very personal story engrosses the reader from start to finish.

? Hemp Conspiracy: www.hempconspiracy.com