The BC Bud Lovers’ Cup

Winning strains at the Bud Lovers` CupWinning strains at the Bud Lovers` CupOn Valentine’s weekend Vancouver was host to the BC Bud Lovers’ Cup. This was the third event of its kind sponsored by local businesses Blunt Bros, Kind Seeds and the New Amsterdam Caf?. The Cup catered to over 150 judges, local breeders and special guests.
Eager judges were greeted at Blunt Bros with 10 strains of BC’s finest pot to sample and share.

The weedy weekend of fun included a four-hour evening cruise of Vancouver’s beautiful city lights, ganja food and cannabis comedy by Watermelon, and bubblehash demos that eventually yielded four ounces of quality resin.

Music included Blackie LeBlanc and the Kytami Revolution ? acoustic madness with a violin’s harmony. The Marnie Maines Band also captured attention with a chilling performance, setting the atmosphere for their smoke-screened set.

One highlight was a spoken word performance by Prevail of Swollen Members, who stylishly shared his love for Vancouver and its cannabis community.

Happily stoned connoisseurs also boarded trolley buses for scenic tours of Vancouver. Local activist David Malmo-Levine played host and gave some guests a history of Vancouver’s cannabis activism and culture.

The top strains were finally presented when judging was complete. Placing third was M9, a vintage strain from the Kind Seed Company. Second place was Blueberry, a popular strain from Dutch Passion Seeds. Coming in first was Island Sweet Skunk from Next Generation Seeds ? a locally-bred Sativa-dominant strain that has been a favorite here for years.

Over 150 people inhaled 10 pounds of pot in 60 hours, to celebrate the spirit of our glorious cannabis culture. A special thanks to the staff and those who braved the borders for making this event possible.Winning strains at the Bud Lovers` Cup

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