Bowling for bud in Vansterdam

Hot fun in the summertime is in store for visitors to Vansterdam.
The July 4th weekend is sure to be a sizzling time for pot-lovers, with the Third Annual Marc Emery Toker’s Bowl in full swing.

Emery says this year’s Bowl will be bigger and better than ever, with more parties, tours, and entertainment than ever before. The TBowl website says there are still tickets to the event, but even if you can’t book the whole weekend, be sure to stop by the newly-renovated British Columbia Marijuana Party bookstore in the 300 block of West Hastings Street in downtown Vancouver, where the TBowl will be staging from.

Last year’s Bowl featured two dozen varieties of marijuana specially grown for the Bowl. Prize-winning buds from the Bowl are considered a status and marketing boost for the growers and seed companies who produce them; this year there are many new entries from geneticists and cultivators who are determined to take the crown. Competition will be stiff, with lots of freebies.

Because High Times magazine has reconfigured itself as a non-marijuana magazine, and with rumors that the company that managed the magazine’s Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam is having financial problems, it’s likely that the Bowl will now replace the Cup as the world’s premier marijuana event.

Also in Vancouver during the July 4th weekend are other marijuana-centered events. Bubbleman, purveyor of bubblehash info, is hosting a big party at his Melting Point store on July 2. Insiders say that the party will feature Robert Connell Clarke, author of “Hashish,” and “Marijuana Botany,” two of the best books ever written about cannabis. Melting Point will also be hosting a glass pipe art show featuring some of the best glass artists in North America.

Across the street from Melting Point on Commercial Drive in Vancouver is the city’s most courageous and Amsterdam-style caf?, Da Kine.

Marc Emery celebrating cannabis with last year`s Toker`s Bowl participantsMarc Emery celebrating cannabis with last year`s Toker`s Bowl participantsVisitors can join the Canadian Sanctuary Society at Da Kine. Membership entitles them to purchase top-quality ganja buds, foods, and extracts, which can be consumed on premises. You’ll think you’re in Holland!

Da Kine is hosting its own events during TBowl weekend. On Friday night, Da Kine, BudderKing and Advanced Nutrients are hosting their first annual “Budder Bowl.”

The Budder Bowl is centered on hashish and cannabis extracts, including an inhalable extract called “Budder,” which is being heralded as the newest and most potent cannabis product in the world.

BudderKing will be offering free hits of Budder to lucky prize-winners, and Da Kine will also organize a hashish/extract contest that puts bubblehash, kif, imported hash and other cannabis products in competition with Budder, so visiting judges can vote on what they believe is the strongest, tastiest pot product.

A fleet of Humvees will provide shuttle service from the T-Bowl location to Da Kine and back.

The Vancouver International Jazz Festival and other arts, music, theater, and entertainment events are in town that weekend. For people who want to get high and wild outdoors, summer is prime season for sunbathing, bikini-eating, swimming, biking, hiking, fishing, and other nature activities in the beautiful oceans, mountains, and rivers that are within an hour of the city.

No place in the world offers the combination of cannabis, beauty, urban excitement, friendly people, and stoner style that Vancouver offers.

Look for a tourist guide to Vansterdam in Issue 50 of Cannabis Culture magazine, and an article about Budder in Issue 51.Marc Emery celebrating cannabis with last year`s Toker`s Bowl participants

For more information about the T-Bowl and other cannabis events in Vancouver this summer:
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Da Kine, 1018 Commerical Drive, Vancouver, BC. Phone: 604 215 1018