Growing and pee tests

I am in the unenviable situation of growing some very fine, stinky, sticky herb, but am unable to enjoy the fruits of my labor because I am job hunting and may be required to take a pee test.
Often, after working with the plants, I sit down and inhale the wonderful aroma of the oils smeared on my fingers.

Will regular handling during daily care of the plants cause a positive on the pee test?

Sniffin’ n’ Wishin’,

Marijuana’s distinctive aromas are caused by non-cannabinoid essential oils. The detection kits test for analogs of THC or compounds closely related to it. So breathing the aromas emanating from the plant will not cause a positive.

When you handle the plants, THC-containing resins stick to your hands but do not pass through the skin to enter the bloodstream.

Working in the garden, breathing the air and handling the plants won’t cause positive urine or blood tests. Just don’t lick the sticky stuff off your fingers.

For safety’s sake wear plastic gloves, then you don’t have to worry about the resin getting near you.

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