The Cannabible 2

This second volume of photos by renowned pot photographer Jason King is a visual treat for anyone who likes looking at quality buds. With over 150 strains chronicled in the book’s 182 pages, King packs the shots onto each page, yet still manages to find room for comments on every one.
King also includes short essays on judging cannabis, organic growing and the benefits of growing, plus highlights on the global ganja scene, with sections of the book devoted to buds from Australia, California, Switzerland and Jamaica.

In one case, he shows eight different examples of the same strain, Trainwreck, grown out from cuttings from the same original plant, but grown under different conditions. The clear differences between the buds shows the malleability of marijuana, and how the grower may be a bigger influence on the final outcome than simple genetics can dictate.

My only complaint is the overuse of the buds shown against black backgrounds. In some cases it makes the buds look very dark, and can cause a lack of detail due to ink saturation.

Nevertheless, this is a glorious book full of crisp, mouth-watering photos. Few tokers have had the opportunity to sample as many different strains as Jason King. In this book we can enjoy them vicariously, and get high on some of the world’s best ganja photography.

This tome is a necessary addition to any pot-lover’s bookshelf.

? The Cannabible 2: