John (Flash) Gordon

John (Flash) Gordon on rightJohn (Flash) Gordon on rightJohn (Flash) Gordon has been member 365 of the BC compassion Club for several years, and although he is a medical user he would like to see the plant liberated for all its uses: industrial, spiritual, recreational as well as medical .Without it he could not keep down his anti viral medications, be as well, or be as active in giving to his community.
Mr. Gordon co-founded the Unity Housing society for ex-psychiatric mental health consumer survivors. He presently resides in the Vancouver/ Kingsway riding and would like to be your representative to help free the Herb and the Oppressed.

Mr. Gordon was an excellent candidate in the recent BC Election, and the BC Marijuana Party thanks him for the wonderful job he did, and continues to do.

John Gordon continues to be a tireless organizer. Gordon is an operator and ‘founder’ of Live Chat and hosts the Artistic Inspirations Forum on .

He contributes to Pot-TV “Newshawking,” breaking stories in the media and cataloguing events and politics before they “slip down the memory hole,” as David Malmo Levine likes to say, referring to Orwell’s 1984 .

Flash was president of the student council at Vancouver Christian College before being expelled for smoking pot, but ended up graduating along side of Judy Tyabji at Imaculata Highschool in his home town of Kelowna .

Mr. Gordon’s formal training was at Saint Thomas Moore College at the University of Saskatchewan, where he majored in Western Philosophy and Sociology, which was augmented by further studies at Okanogan College and completed with studies at Kwantlen College and Mental Health Workers Certificate through Douglas College.

John has contributed as a board member of the West Coast Mental Health Network and B.C. Provincial Board of Psychosocial Rehabilitation, as well as his Community Health Committee and speaks for mental health consumers on issues of poverty, homelessness, institutionalization and systemic abuse, not the least of which is prohibition.

John would like to believe Jack Layton’s promises of full legalization, but does not trust Liberal Drug Law Reform, or the bending over backwards for the U.S. imported drug war and the fundamentalist involvement in crusades against the Muslim nations. He will run, however, to keep alive the issue of prohibition against a ‘benign substance’ ? as defined by the Supreme Court of Canada and the Canadian Senate Committee on Illegal drugs.