Busting yourself

Cannaphiles might do well to live by the maxim, “forget the small stuff.” Last September, a Victoria, British Columbia, grower got himself arrested when he called the police to report that his car had been broken into. When he invited police in to watch the video he took of the incident, the officers were nearly overpowered by the obvious smell of marijuana from his grow room, which was in full bud. The grower, who lived with the intoxicating aroma 24/7, had forgotten about the smell.
Remembering all your hiding places is important, too. Wildlife officials in Florida called police to arrest a suspected hunter, who they thought had illegally shot a deer in a national park. When police asked to inspect the man’s freezer, he willingly agreed, welcomed them into his home, and opened the freezer. The officers agreed he had no deer meat, then busted him for his freezer full of pot.