War and peace

As members of the global cannabis culture, we live in very interesting times, and we have unique insight and perspective into world events.
We know that the war on marijuana is a real war, with armed soldiers, political prisoners and violent death. We see how the drug war has become an excuse for police brutality, political oppression, mass imprisonment and military invasion.

We see that America is losing her precious freedoms and becoming more of a police state, with more prisoners per capita than any other nation, and still rising. The Patriot Act, and other similar legislation ostensibly aimed at terrorists, is being increasingly used as a tool in the drug war.

Like many nations, Canada is following the American lead, and many Canadians expect our country to move closer to the US model after our coming federal elections this spring.

Yet despite these gloomy situations, we present a vision of hope for our culture and the future of our species.

Our plant, and our culture, has survived and thrived for decades under the most adverse of conditions. We have hidden underground, gaining strength, but now it is time for us to emerge. Now our roots are strong, and we must rise up from out of the soil, standing proud and tall as we reach for the sun.

Cannabis is a good plant, which has inspired soldiers to lay down their arms for generations. In Vietnam, American soldiers who smoked marijuana often chose not to fight and opposed the war. In Afghanistan the same thing happened with Russian soldiers; pot turned many of them on to peace. From the breaking down of racial and social barriers to instilling a sense of peace among enemies, cannabis can provide the inspiration to create a better world for us all.

Those of us who recognize the amazing powers of the cannabis plant have a moral duty to share our knowledge with the world. Our experience with this plant, and our understanding of the benefits it can provide, are among the tools that our civilization will need to heal itself, and restore peace and harmony to our planet.

Long live cannabis!

Dana Larsen
Editor, Cannabis Culture