Loretta Nall on trial

ALEXANDER CITY, ALABAMA – Alabama and US Marijuana Party founder Loretta Nall will appear in Tallapoosa County District Court on Feb. 10, 2004 at 2 p.m. to face charges of 2nd degree Possession of Marijuana and Possession of Paraphernalia.
Mrs. Nall, who maintains her innocence, was arrested in a November 2002 raid on her home less than a week after the Birmingham News published her letter to the editor in which she called for citizens to vote and change Alabama’s drug laws.

The Tallapoosa County Narcotics Task Force, which conducted the raid on Nall’s home, alleges that the raid yielded 0.87 grams of marijuana.

Mrs. Nall’s defense team is made up of Mr. Wilson Myers and well-known drug defense attorney Mr. Charles Salvaggio.

Since her arrest Mrs. Nall has founded the United States Marijuana Party, which now has chapters in 27 states. She has spoken at events in Atlanta, Ohio, Oregon and Seattle, been quoted in Rolling Stone Magazine, had feature articles appear in Cannabis Culture Magazine and LewRockwell and has had over 47 letters and articles published about her efforts to end marijuana prohibition in Alabama and the United States. Click here for archived news articles courtesy of the Media Awareness Project.

She traveled to Goose Creek, South Carolina to work with the families and students in the aftermath of the high school raid where police officers used dogs and guns on innocent children. While there, she interviewed Reverend Jesse Jackson. She also traveled to Austin, TX where she interviewed Democratic Presidential hopeful, Congressman Dennis Kucinich.

She is the anchor of an internet-based news program, Pot TV News, which can be seen at www.pot-tv.net and she plans to run for Governor of Alabama in 2006.

Mrs. Nall says that Alabama’s impending mass release of non-violent drug offenders will prove to be only a temporary solution to Alabama’s prison crisis unless it is accompanied by significant drug policy reform.

All media and supporters are encouraged to attend the trial. For more information please call Mrs. Nall at 404-806-5303 or email her at [email protected]

The Alabama Marijuana Party is a Political Action Committee founded by Loretta Nall of Alexander City, in November 2002. The goal of the party is to legalize marijuana in the State of Alabama.

Loretta Nall
President, US Marijuana Party
President, Alabama Marijuana Party
Pot TV News Anchor

4633 Pearson Chapel Rd
Alexander City AL 35010
Phone: 404-806-5303
Cell: 334-415-9174


1. Letter to the Birmingham News URL: www.mapinc.org/drugnews/v02/n2067/a02.html Pubdate: Thu, 07 Nov 2002 Source: Birmingham News, The (AL) Copyright: 2002 The Birmingham News :


Across the nation, marijuana consumers are joining forces and coming out of the “cannabis closet.” And what do you know? As it turns out, we do not all fit the stereotypical stoner-without-a-clue image of pot smokers that has long been portrayed by the media. People who admit to using marijuana include former presidents, mayors, teachers, lawyers, doctors, police, judges, celebrities, business owners, suburban housewives and most likely your next-door neighbor. We are not criminals who rob, steal or otherwise cause harm to the fabric of society, and it is time to stop treating us as if we were. It is time to demand an end to cannabis prohibition and the harsh drug laws that do more harm to society than the drug itself will ever do. It is time for change.
– Loretta Nall, Alexander City.

2. Affidavit used to obtain search warrant

Here is a transcribed copy of the affidavit used to obtain the search warrant for Mrs. Nall’s home: The facts tending to establish the grounds for a search warrant are as follows: A kindergarten student at Horseshoe Bend School in New Site is involved in a class project of bringing leaves from various types of trees and plants to school. The student told her teacher that she had some leaves from some plants she wanted to bring to school, but her mother told her they were illegal and she couldn’t bring them to school. The student lives at the residence and stated that she saw these plants this morning. The student is the daughter of the defendant. The student describes the leaves as bright green. She stated that her mother had told her that the plants and leaves were illegal. She stated there were a bunch of these plants hanging from the ceiling at home and that her mother had thrown some of these plants out in the back yard. Based on my prior experience and training, I have reason to believe that the plants are marihuana and that they are being hung from the ceiling to dry. Upon further investigation it was brought to my attention that there was an article written in a newspaper by Loretta Nall that marihuana users were joining forces and coming out of the closet. She wrote that it is time for change, that it was time to demand an end to marihuana prohibition. I have received confidential complaints regarding narcotics and this residence for the past year.
– Investigator Eric McCain.