Dirt nets dope

Requesting a search warrant just gets easier and easier. In Arizona, photos of dirt were used to get a warrant for a search that turned up marijuana plants on Mike Senger’s farm in May 2003.
Originally, environmental inspectors claimed that the piles of dirt on Senger’s property were evidence that he was operating an illegal landfill. Senger refused the inspectors entry to his property, and attempted to block their photos by standing in front of them and “giving them the finger.” Infuriated inspectors likely realized they had nothing on Senger, but hoped a search would turn up something more.

They never found an illegal landfill, but they did find his pot plants. Senger says that the piles of dirt came from building an underground shelter to protect him from the coming of Planet X, also known as Niburu, which many believe is due to crash into the earth.