Incandescent lights

I’m working on my first grow just using “bag seed” and a couple of fluorescent lights. Due to an unforeseen accident, I don’t have any growing lights at all. Would it be okay to use incandescent lights for about a week, until I can get a high-pressure sodium light?
Moorefield, West Virginia

Instead of using an incandescent lamp, use two compact fluorescent lamps that each emit the light equivalent of a 100-watt incandescent lamp. Compact fluorescents are convenient to use and inexpensive to purchase. They only use one-fourth or one-fifth the electricity of an incandescent lamp, and they produce a small fraction of the broiling heat that an incandescent emits.

Compact fluorescents generally come in two spectrums, warm-white and cool-white. Either will work alone or they can be used in combination. Plants grown under cool-white lamps will have stouter stems and shorter internodes. Plants under warm-white will grow a little bit faster.

Use an incandescent reflector to focus the light on the garden. Because the plants will be accustomed to bright light, they will easily adjust to the HPS lamp’s intensity.

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