Sunbed lamps

Can you use sunbed lamps to grow skunk indoors?

Sunbed lamps contain a high proportion of light in the Ultraviolet A and B spectrums. These are the spectrums that cause suntan and sunburn and are associated with an increased rate of cancer. In one experiment, a researcher found that high THC varieties respond to UVB light by increasing the percentage of THC they produce in a linear ratio to the amount of UVB light they receive. This could be significant.

Using sunbed lamps to supplement the lighting during the last three weeks of flowering will increase THC production. Fluorescent lamps made for lighting reptile cages emit up to 10 percent UVB light. These types of lights should not be used alone because they don’t have the proper spectrum for growth or flowering.

If you do use them to supplement your lighting regimen, you should make sure to turn off these lights before working in the garden space.

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