Needs three-foot plants

I have converted half of my armoire into a cozy little 2′ x 2′ x 5′ grow space. I’m using a four-plant hydroponic reservoir system. After subtracting the space occupied by hanging a light, and given the fact that the net baskets are well above floor level, I actually need the plant to mature at three feet. How tall can the plants grow before I need to force flowering?
Athens, Georgia

Short-growing varieties such as pure Indicas and mostly Indica hybrids can grow as tall as 20 inches before they are forced to flower. Some of these varieties may be forced when they are even taller, but it is best to force the first crop conservatively, to see how the plants respond. Between forcing and maturity, the plants may grow just a bit or they may increase in height by up to 50%.

Sativas are virtually impossible to grow as short-stature plants. Some mostly Sativa hybrids are controllable but others grow too tall for short spaces. Sativa hybrids should be placed into flowering when they are 8-10 inches tall. They continue to grow as they flower, but the indoor adapted ones eventually direct their energy into flowering.

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