Marc Emery tours Canada’s courts on pot charges

Marc Emery, publisher of Cannabis Culture Magazine and proprietor of POT TV, is at it again making the best out of adversity, harassment and arrest. This time he will be touring Canada to spread activist spirit and cheer during the coldest part of the year, while he attends court throughout the country.
“In Moncton, Winnipeg, St. John’s, I will be making a section 601 of the Criminal Code application, (that is, the charge is defective, so the application is for the court to determine if there is a marijuana possession law in effect),” Emery told CC forums readers. “In Regina, Edmonton, Calgary, we will be making a presentation that attempts to determine the same thing but under a different applicationS The Crown is wanting an adjournment in Regina.”

The court dates are one result of Emery’s Summer of Legalization tour, which saw him smoking massive phatties at police stations in 18 cities across the Country, while crowds gathered to observe the daring feat, share a puff and listen to Emery’s message. Emery’s goal was to spread word of an Ontario court decision that declared pot laws invalid.

In October, shortly after Emery’s tour, the Ontario Court of Appeal declared prohibition back in effect. The court also gave Canadians amnesty from pot possession charges laid between July 31, 2001 and October 7, 2003. An appeal to the decision might argue that Ontario’s Court of Appeal didn’t have the power to reenact the failed law.

Another result of Emery’s summer tour is growing public awareness concerning pot prohibition. Since Emery must travel the country to defend his liberty, he will continue to speak widely on the evils of prohibition.

“In all future appearances throughout Canada I will be organizing an official meeting/speech in that city and surrounding cities,” Emery explained. “For example, I have to appear in St John’s, Newfoundland on November 17, so I amS renting a small hall to speak.”

He will also take out ads in local newspapers and put up posters in activist outlets to advertise speaking engagements. So far, he has plans to appear at the following dates and times:

November 17 – St John’s, NL (court date and speaking appearance)
December 6 – Calgary, AB (after 5 day Grant Kreiger trial)
December 19 – Edmonton, AB (court date and speaking appearance)
January 12 – Regina, SK (court date and speaking appearance)
January 14 – Saskatoon, SK (speaking appearance)
January 16 – Yorkton, SK (speaking appearance)
January 17 – Dauphin, MB (speaking appearance)
January 22 – Winnipeg, MB (court date and speaking appearance)
January 29 – Moncton, NB (trial and speaking appearance)

Emery also plans a spring tour between April and June, 2004, including a stop in Calgary for a trial and speaking engagement, at a date that has yet to be announced.

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