Information overload

When I meet people for the first time and they discover that I edit a marijuana magazine, I am often asked how it is that I manage to fill a regular magazine with articles only about cannabis. “People like to smoke it, and it’s against the law,” I am told. “What else is there to write about?”
Yet in truth I have the opposite problem. With so many major developments in the global ganja culture, it is often hard for me to keep up with all the pertinent news in each issue of our magazine.

It is virtually impossible for us to cover everything in the cannabis world. There are hundreds of activists, freedom fighters and drug-war victims which deserve our attention, and yet many of their stories have yet to find room in the pages of our magazine. When added to new grow techniques and technology, plus the multitude of ongoing medical research, political developments, celebrity news, celebrations and so on, it becomes overwhelming.

As an example, a few days before we finalized this issue, a BC judge ruled that he agreed with his colleagues in Ontario, and declared that BC’s pot law were invalid. Our publisher Marc Emery then held a smoke-in at the Vancouver Police Headquarters to reinforce the court decision, and to challenge the cops who had said they would continue to make arrests. But you won’t find this information in our article about Emery’s cross-country Summer of Legalization Tour, as it was impossible to fit more information into the completed, laid out article.

Yet despite these challenges, I hope that we bring you exciting, new information with every issue. We strive to provide the very best stories and images, which will increase your awareness of this most useful of plants, and the global culture which surrounds it.

As users and growers of marijuana, we are part of an extremely ancient tradition, which stretches back into the shadows of pre-history. As this issue’s article on Soma reveals, cannabis use helped shape the very foundations of much modern myth and religion.

Yet despite this proud and ancient heritage, public knowledge of this plant is limited. It is our role to spread the weedy word, and shed some light into this darkness.

I urge you to join us, to spread the good news about the benefits of cannabis, and to do your part to free our culture and liberate our special plant.

Dana Larsen
Editor, Cannabis Culture