Businessmen and advocates team up to deliver free medical marijuana

The recent Ontario Court of Appeal decision that offered legal protection for people who grow marijuana for medical patients has resulted in a unique partnership for the Vancouver-based company, Advanced Nutrients, and the world’s largest Internet medical marijuana site.
Advanced Nutrients was recently featured, along with Marc Emery, in a Forbes magazine article about marijuana. The company has teamed with Marco Renda, a patient who is licensed by Health Canada as a medical marijuana “exemptee.”

Renda is founder and owner of, an innovative Internet site that features news, photos and medical information.

Advanced Nutrients will be sponsoring major scientific research and other programs that allow Treating Yourself to provide free medical marijuana, marijuana seeds, and marijuana fertilizers to patients licensed by Health Canada to grow their own marijuana.

Advanced Nutrients employs 70 people in its marijuana nutrients manufacturing facility in Abbotsford, BC, and is marketing its highly-praised products worldwide.

Michael Straumietis of Advanced Nutrients explained that his company has committed to building a state of the art research facility and medical marijuana cultivation site. This research site will contain between 50 to 100 high intensity grow lights.

“The Canadian government is supposed to provide quality medical marijuana to patients, but instead, it grew a small amount of low-quality marijuana in a polluted, abandoned mineshaft in Manitoba,” Straumietis said. “We intend to do better by designing a safe, clean, professional facility that will grow stabilized medical grade varieties of the world’s best marijuana. We will hire scientists who will find specific types and components of marijuana useful for specific medical conditions. We will donate most of our crop to patients, and also expand our program of giving nutrients and other assistance to patients who cannot afford to grow their own medicine. Treating Yourself will assist us in making the medicine and assistance available to those who need it most.”

Renda and Straumietis note that pharmaceutical companies in other countries are already growing large amounts of marijuana, studying the plants, and designing medicines.

In England, GW Pharmaceuticals is growing tens of thousands of marijuana plants with government permission. The plant’s active ingredients are being extracted and blended into prescription medicines that may be approved for sale by the British authorities before the end of the year.

Renda says Canada’s medical marijuana laws make it easy for Canadian patients, advocates, and growers to conduct research and product development.

Straumietis has also announced the formation of Advanced Nutrients Pharmaceuticals, a company that will grow and study marijuana with its goal being to create specialty cannabinoid products for a variety of medical conditions.

“Recent court rulings make it clear that the Canadian government’s medical marijuana program is sorely lacking,” Renda commented. “After sitting in on hearings regarding medical marijuana and listening to judges ask why private industry rather than the government isn’t helping medical marijuana patients, I got the idea to approach Advanced Nutrients for help. They agreed with me that we should do the research here in Canada while also helping patients, and recent court rulings clear the way for such efforts.”

The joint venture between Advanced Nutrients and has won the approval of the Canadian AIDS Society and other groups and individuals.

“We think it’s time that sick and dying people are able to grow their own medicine, buy it, or get it for free in Canada,” Straumietis said. “Our goals are exactly the same as Marco Renda’s goals – to get the best marijuana to the people who need it.”

For more information: Marco Renda, Treating Yourself – 519-923-2525 [email protected], or visit the Advanced Nutrients site.