Canada’s decrim bill turning into crackdown

The Special Drugs Committee was re-struck this week to hold hearings from Monday, October 20, to Thursday 23, to make amendments to the new Prohibition Act. It is now a talking point by many Liberal MP’s to add MANDATORY MINIMUMS of 2 years less a day, or some mandatory jail time, for every grow over 25 plants.
Over 250,000 people in British Columbia are involved in the 75,000 – 100,000 marijuana grow operations, all of which grow more than 25 plants. Over 500,000 Canadians are involved in marijuana growing, all of them now potentially at risk of 2 years (less a day) Mandatory Minimums.

Remind the Members of Parliament that there is no moral basis to the jailing of anyone in the cannabis Canadian community for growing, selling, possessing. The nation has not benefited in any way from over 2,000,000 Canadians arrested, detailed, charged for cannabis since 1966, and over 1,000,000 of those were convicted. Hundreds of thousands have seen jail time. For what? How has Canada benefited by the drug expensive, punitive war on the marijuana people?

Remind them that the marijuana people don’t want to buy their marijuana from organized crime, but prohibition has created this undesirable situation.

Urge the MPS to recommend legal home cultivation, NO JAIL FOR ANY CANNABIS OFFENSE!

Please fire them off a respectful, compassionate, and HEARTFELT letter about how you think they shouldn’t water down decriminalization. They should adhere closely to the Senate Committee report, and reduce the harms of prohibition through legalization and not attempt to cling to prohibition through reducing the possession decrim limit past any limit recommended by EITHER of the two reports which examined this issue (House and Senate). Email these Members TODAY and tell them not to ignore the House and Senate Committee reports ESPECIALLY THE SENATE ONE!

Here are the emails for the committee members:

Special Committee on the Non-medical Use of Drugs email: [email protected]

Individual committee members’ emails:

Paddy Torsney (Liberal) (Committee Chair): [email protected]

Carole-Marie Allard (Liberal): [email protected]

Mauril Belanger (liberal): [email protected]

Dominic LeBlanc (Liberal): [email protected]

Derek Lee (Liberal): [email protected]

Hedy Fry (Liberal): [email protected]

Gilbert Barrette (Liberal): [email protected]

Randy White (Alliance): [email protected]

Kevin Sorenson (Alliance): [email protected]

Richard Marceau (Bloc Quebecois): [email protected]

Real Menard (Bloc Quebecois): [email protected]

Inky Mark (PC): [email protected]

Libby Davies (NDP): [email protected]

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