Heart attack help

Researchers at Germany’s Wurzburg University have shown that a synthetic cannabinoid called HU-210 helped prevent heart failure in rats. Heart failure occurs when the heart cannot pump enough blood through the body, and is a possible consequence of a heart attack or disease.
In rats, heart failure typically develops within 12 weeks after a major heart attack. But researchers found that daily application of HU-210, which activates CB-1 receptors like THC, reduced heart failure in rats in the period following an induced heart attack. The cannabinoid prevented the drop of blood pressure and dysfunction of the arteries. Conversely, a CB-1 blocker reduced the pumping ability of the heart.

In a commentary on the study, the British Journal of Pharmacology said that cannabinoids were “useful targets for therapy” following a heart attack.

? All of this information was compiled and edited from the excellent email newsletter of the International Association for Cannabis as Medicine (IACM) in Germany. email [email protected]; web www.cannabis-med.org