Parliament Hill smoke out in Ottawa

Marc to toke for justice on Parliament HillMarc to toke for justice on Parliament HillMarc Emery, publisher of Cannabis Culture Magazine and proprietor of POT TV, will appear on the steps of Ottawa’s Parliament Buildings on Thursday, September 25, at 4:20 PM to smoke out our nation’s representatives with a wieldy 25-gram joint.
Emery’s Ottawa appearance will be the nineteenth city on his Summer (and now Fall) of Legalization Tour. The tour is intended to promote awareness about the current state of our nation’s drug laws.

“I want everybody that comes to Ottawa to bring a banner that says ‘Keep Marijuana Legal’,” said Emery. “‘Cause it is legal and would remain that way if they didn’t bring in any new legislation.”

Emery is referring to decisions by judges in Ontario, PEI, Nova Scotia and BC who have ruled that marijuana possession is no longer an offense. He wants parliament to back off from passing a proposed new law that has been marketed to the media as “decriminalization”, but which will, in fact, recriminalize possession in provinces where it is currently legal.

Emery hopes to send a clear message to politicians by provoking a large turnout at his last scheduled smoke-out stop in the nation’s capitol.

“Get there by plane or by train, but get there!” encouraged Emery. “This is my big stand! If you’re American come and see what it’s like smoking a huge chonger in the nation’s capitol when it’s legal. It will be like a fantasy of what it will be like in a decade or two in Washington DC. Because that’s ultimately our goal. After we liberate Canada, we will come to the US. 30 Million people living free beside 300 million living in slavery is intolerable.”

In many provinces that have yet to issue a court decision, Emery hopes to overturn the laws by challenging them in court. His tour has resulted in possession charges against him in several provinces, so getting into court to make his arguments won’t be a problem. His first court dates are in Regina on October 16 and in Edmonton on December 19. In Regina, Emery will be represented by Lawyer Brian McAllister, who argued the case that first overturned prohibition in Canada.

“It’s exciting to have the man who made marijuana legal in Canada do my case.” Emery said. “Brian McAllister said ‘you can watch me do it in Regina and then repeat it in five more provinces.'”Marc to toke for justice on Parliament Hill

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